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BEST WAXING CENTER was established in August, 2006 by MARIA L. MAGNO IN THE D.C. DOWNTOWN AREA. WE relocated to Arlington, Virginia in August 2013 while Maria was complying with additional D.C. professional license protocol which she passed in November, 2013. On August 14, 2014, Maria then moved back to  D.C.  after complying with the District license requirements; In May 2015, Maria registered a new business name with D.C. now as Best Waxing Center DC, LLC.

Maria graduated Bachelor of Science in Zoology in the Philippines and migrated to the U.S. in 1996. She is a Licensed Cosmetologist,  PASSED Esthetician exam with Cosmetology Esthetician Master Manager License, DC Licensed Special Manager,  and a Certified Electrologist. She  has extensive EARNED TRAINING and experience in electrolysis, laser hair removal, laser acne treatment and microdermabrasion.

BEST WAXING CENTER DC LLC is extremely well-known for its superior service for body hair removal and very popular in BIKINI/BRAZILIAN WAXING SERVICES. Our clients are mostly from WORD OF MOUTH AND REFERRALS.

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MARIA L. MAGNO is experienced for more than 25 years with all earned education and advanced classes.  It is the expertise and training of the person that makes the whole service less uncomfortable. 

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PAINLESS HAIR REMOVAL, EVERY BEAUTY TAKES PAIN.  Take note that we are dealing with hair on the skin from the ROOTS and depending on the skin, there is no way it can be painless but can be less painful.

Waxing is a very DELICATE procedure. You can get  burned,  injured, cut, irritated and infected.  Depending on the sensitiviy of your skin, you may  get irritations/itchiness after waxing specially to virgin and shaved hair; this is normal.  Applying Aloe Vera, or Tend Skin or
Cortizone topical  will help heal the skin. Furhtermore, please be careful with double
dipping sticks. You may save money from places that double dips, but it is NEVER safe.
It may not take overtime, but it may give you bigger skin problem in the future.  Warm wax
does not kill the germs but spreads it.  Only boiling point can kill the germs.

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