1. Treat your skin with Neosporin antibiotic cream at night  after brazilian/bikini waxing with underwear off  to prevent skin from rubbing with it.  Make sure you are not ALLERGIC to Neosporin antibiotic cream. Otherwise, use Tend Skin, Bump Free ,Aloe Vera gel or other related treatment products instead. (Please  make sure to read instructions at the back of the treatment bottle before using them).

2.  Exfoliate your skin 3 days after your waxing procedure preferably  with sea salt scrub or gentle exfoliants every other day  to remove build up dead skin cells than can clog the pores and trapped hairs under skin causing it to become ingrown.  Exfoliating pads, loofahs, and mild scrubs works well with sea salt scrubs.  Look for cleansers that contain Salicylic Acid.  It is advised not to exfoliate everyday to prevent dryness that causes sensitivity  to your skin, otherwise, hydrate your skin when doing so.

3.  Keep your skin moist and soft.  Start using a moisturizer everyday.This will not only keep your skin soft but will soften up the growing hair, which can keep it  from boring into the skin.Powder is advisable only the day after bikini/brazilian waxing procedure since putting powder right after waxing can clog the pores.  It takes hours to close the pores and heal the sensitivity of the skin after waxing procedure.

4.  If you are having ingrown hairs, before putting on moisturizer, treat your skin with AloeVera gel, Tend Skin or Bump free for two weeks on the affected area/s.  Do not use it more than what is advised to prevent sensitivity to your skin, since these are with alcohol content that would make the skin dry if overused.  Use Tend skin, Bump Free or Aloe Vera gel again four (4) days before your waxing procedure to soften the follicle for hair to be easier to pull.
5.  If you tend to be sensitive after brazilian/bikini waxing, please get yourself a cool shower or cool/cold compress and apply  either Aloe Vera gel, Tend Skin, Bump Free or other treatment products.  Avoid tight clothing for a day to prevent  irritation.

6.  No swimming (pool or beach), bath within 24 hours after waxing.  Your skin is still prone to  infection due to its sensitivity.  Only clean running water  is allowed immediately after the procedure.  Exercising after waxing is fine but no heavy exercise since excessive heat temperature on the waxed area will irritate your skin.  Make sure to apply antibiotic or aloe vera gel before exercising.

7. Take pain reliever if you are sensitive or feel soar after brazilian/bikini waxing.  This is normal specially if your skin is sensitive or it is your first time for the procedure.

8. It is highly recommended to treat your skin with Tend Skin, Bump Free or other related products after waxing.                  

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