** We can not wax your eyebrow or face  if you have been using retin-A, acid treatment, anti-wrinkle and antibiotic cream .

**  We are unable to wax you if you have been on accutane, acid,  or Retin A for the last  six months or on a strong dosage of antibiotic medication.

**  Please let us know of any medical condition you may  have like diabetes, hypertension and  others; or if you have allergy  reactions to perfumes, antibiotics or ingredients in the wax  and more.    Itchiness  and burning sensation after waxing is a sign of allergy reaction.   1% Hydrocortisone cream  is recommended or seek medical attention  right away for prolong symptoms.

** We CAN NOT and we REFUSE  to  perform waxing, especially with  "brazilian" if you  have skin irritations or if you are  allergy-prone to waxing.

How to prepare before waxing procedure:

         Hair should be at least the size of the corn grain or half an inch.

        BRAZILIAN WAXING PROCEDURE.  You MUST clean up (click here).

        Do not cut your hair;  We will trim the hair if needed.
        No Tanning at least  a week before and a week after waxing procedure. 

-  Most client/s would take 2 pain relievers 30 minutes before their waxing procedure and some of   them  would  apply   at the same time a  topical  numbing  gel  for tooth  pain like Ambesol which you can get over the  counter at the drug stores.  Please make sure you are not allergic to the medication.

-  We suggest not to have your waxing procedure, specially with brazilian, on your cycle or 3 days  before and after,  since your skin is sensitive during this period due to  enlarge blood vessels.  However, we will be able to wax you even on your cycle  with tampoon on.

-  If you think your skin is dry and sensitive for brazilian/bikini waxing procedure, please apply baby oil to the  area 30 minutes before your brazilian/bikini procedure.  This will  make the wax adhere   to the hair only and not to the skin.  Do not apply oil to the body.

- Do not drink alcohol when getting waxed, since alcohol makes the skin sensitive when taken.  Alcohol dilates the blood vessels in the skin resulting in  slow blood circulation.

Note: If you have been shaving and decided to wax, expect hair breakage during  waxing.  It is not as  smooth as you think.  It takes series of waxing to normalize the hair growth and thinning of hair.  Also, Your skin will be very sensitive to waxing after shaving since the skin gets to be tender from exfoliating  often when shaved.
  * We refuse to do the procedure if your hair is not ready for waxing or your skin is
    still sensitive from tanning.

  * Time frame in between waxing is every 4 to 5 weeks.   Hair starts to grow back in
    2 to 3 weeks  after waxing hair removal, depending on the type  of hair one has.

Important: Please use only oil (any oil) to take off wax residue from your skin.

We apply  azulene oil  to the body as well as the brazilian/bikini area; and  antibiotic cream or aloe vera gel on the brazilian/bikini area right after waxing procedure.  Azulene oil calms down  redness  and prevents skin from irritation.  Antibiotic cream or aloe vera gel protects skin from infection.

We  apply  numbing spray to the area if needed. You may ask for it if you want.

The more you wax regulary, the easier it gets.  It is not advisable to shave in between waxing since it will make
the hair coarser and the skin will be very sensitive to your next waxing procedure.

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